What is MotionActive?

MotionActive.me is a sport portal that will help you locate coaches, trainers, instructors, and venues, facilities of various sports and recreational activities.

How do we do that?
We give Coaches & Trainers a professional website that helps them show their skill set, images, offers and more.
We give you, a prospective client; a centralized place to search, select, connect and even rate and recommend trainers & coaches.

Why not just use google or facebook to lookup coaches ?
Google is not optimized to help you find best possible trainer, and facebook does not keep relevant information available as timeline un controllable.
MotionActive.me is-however; is designed to bridge these gaps and offer a much better experience when it comes to searching & finding what you’re looking for.


Can I lookup trainers in my area?

Yes. MotionActive.me allows coaches to show which areas are covered by their services.

Are your coaches certified?

Each coach has the option to list their relevant qualifications, certificate images and logos, ID’s that’s related to their sport/activity. MotionActive does not crosscheck these; however, you can always ask your potential coach to provide their official credentials.

Can I contact coaches directly?

Yes, Coaches decide how they prefer to be contacted (Phone, email, contact form), you can also follow them on their social media channels by clicking their links that appear on their MotionActive website.

What do the 5 stars on the coach website mean?

Our star system indicates how visitors and clients rate a particular coach, The stars do not represent the quality of the coach or that MotionActive prefers one coach over another based on star total. We highly suggest you read the client testimonials and interview any trainer you are considering, prior to hiring them.

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all. It is completely FREE for you to search and contact coaches of your choice.



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